About Us


Who we are


Dynamic Support - established in 2014 - is a Supported Living Service provider that specialises in providing quality support and care to those living with Learning Disabilities, Mental Health Needs, Autism and Behaviour described as challenging.


We have successfully developed person centred services that are able to respond rapidly and adapt to individual need.


We specialise in supporting people who may have experienced a series of previous placement breakdowns.


Central to our approach is ensuring that the person is always at the centre of what we do and is enabled to make choices and be in control of their life and fulfil their potential.


Who We Support


We offer high quality support and care for people with Learning Disabilities, Mental Health Needs, Autism and Behaviour described as challenging.


We are committed to supporting individuals who may have experienced placement breakdown in the past to live successfully within our community based settings.


Our skilled and trained staff use Person Centred Thinking and Positive Behaviour Support approaches to ensure each person’s support and care  is reflective of what is important to them and what they want to achieve. Our staff receive focused training which ensures that the support and care delivered to each person is bespoke.


Using Person Centred Thinking Tools, we are able to work with each individual and reduce the likelihood of challenging behaviour occuring through a better understanding of the person and the support and care they need.


How We Work


We work in a planned and structured way to provide people we support with a pathway to develop the skills required to successfully move to greater independence.


We provide an environment that recognises and promotes individuality and choice. We use a clear person centred support plans to enable predictability and consistency.


Our staff adopt a person centred approach and work in partnership with each person to provide personalised support and care within a safe environment that enables each individual to have choice and control in their lives.


We use positive behaviour support to identify the functions of each individual behaviour. Through understanding what each behaviour communicates we are able to support and care people to develop the skills to express themselves and cope with difficult situations. This in turn reduces the need to communicate through behaviour that challenges.


If you have any questions, or would like to learn more about our services, then why not contact us on 01793 238 224 / 01452 341 509. Our friendly team will be happy to help.




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